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Leak Detection

Leaking or burst water pipes can occur almost anywhere, including in or outside your home. The biggest challenge can be correctly locating and successfully repairing the leak. Also leaks from hot water pipes can incur significant energy costs, making quick detection and repair most important.

Common signs of a water leak:

  • Dampness or discolouration of carpets
  • Discolouration to walls or ceiling
  • Flaking areas of wall or ceiling paint
  • Moisture or water around lights and switches
  • Hissing type noises coming from inside walls
  • Sudden musty or odorous room smells

At Wollongong City Plumbing we specialise in leak detection and leak repair. Our fully trained plumbers can quickly locate your properties water leak using our state of the art leak detection equipment. We can then advise you of the best way in which to either repair or replace the offending section of pipe.

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