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Blocked Drains

Wollongong City Plumbing are the blocked drain specialists. We can make sure your drains and pipes are clean, crack free and working as good as new.

A blocked or broken drain or pipe can cause a lot of problems. Addressing the issue as soon as possible is always the best solution. Unfortunately some people try a quick fix instead, such as pouring drain cleaners or caustic liquids down the drain to clear it. This can cause additional problems, and does not always rectify the original issue.

If your shower, toilet or bathroom drain has become blocked, it is a good idea to try dislodging the blockage using a manual method, such as a plunger. If you are still unable to remove the blockage contact your local qualified plumber.

Wollongong City Plumbing also provides a 24/7 emergency service. You can phone us directly on 4295 3222


Pipe Locator

Without access to an accurate sewer plan, pin pointing the exact location of your underground pipes from above the ground is pretty much impossible. This is where the pipe locator comes into its own.

Pipe locators work by using an internal antenna to pick up an electromagnetic radio frequency, which is produced by each underground pipe or cable. The latest advancement in pipe locators means that a trained professional can also determine the type of material that the pipe is made from, as well as how deep the pipe is buried simply by using a quality locator. Because all of this is carried out above the ground without the need to dig, there is no damage to your property or underground pipes.

Once the exact location and layout of the pipeline is known, we can then take a look inside using our CCTV drain camera. If there is a blockage or obstruction we may also recommend clearing the pipe with our high pressure water jetter.

Water Jetter

The water jetter is a motorised high pressure cleaning unit that can produce up to 5000psi of water pressure. The water jetter works by delivering a concentrated hard stream of water down the pipe, directly into the blockage to loosen and break it away. While the main jet of water works to dislodge the blockage, two more jets of water work together to break up the debris and push it out of the pipe.

When used correctly by a trained professional; the water jetter will in most cases dislodge and remove any built up residue such as grease, sludge, dirt, debris and even large tree roots which have made the drain or pipe their home over a period of many months or even years.

Having your pipes and drains cleaned with a water jetter can also remove up to 30% more of the blockage then the use of an electric eel alone. Also because the water jetter can do the job faster and more efficient than many other devices on the market, we can save you a lot of inconvenience and money.

CCTV Drain Camera

When your drains, pipes or sewer lines become blocked you can’t always see the problem, we can! Utilising the latest in closed circuit television (CCTV) drain camera technology; our experienced technicians can quickly and easily locate the blockage or obstruction, without the need to dig!

By feeding our drain camera into the pipe, we are able to see and record the exact cause of the problem. We will then provide you with the most appropriate solution moving forward. Surveillance of the affected area with the drain camera may also detect any possible future issues before they arise. A personal DVD copy of the surveillance recording can also be provided to you upon request.


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